Midnight selfie through an obscure ceiling mirror/chandelier @ Marco Polo Manila #vscocam

Midnight selfie through an obscure ceiling mirror/chandelier @ Marco Polo Manila #vscocam


Stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish

These stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish seemingly floating in mid air are reel-y some-fin special. With their long flowing fins and brilliant colors, this striking series of photographs show the elegant animal in all of its beauty. Photographer, Visarute Angkatavanich, 43, created the dramatic pictures by using a range of lighting techniques in his studio and used crystal clear water to capture the unique creatures vivid array of colors. Despite being a commercial photographer by trade, Visarute decided to turn his hand to photographing fish after recalling fond memories of keeping them as a child. (CATERS)

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Shooting Products

I love shooting products as much as portraits. Each has its own challenges. For styled layouts, the placement of each item becomes critical as composition and balance of image helps the viewer’s eye  move around the photo. Lighting the whole scene is also equally important as we have to make sure that the light hits all the elements in the set.

You can see from the BTS shots how I lit these images. Just one light and an overhead umbrella to soften the sunlight and a reflector on the other side to bounce light back to the side farthest from the light source.

Shot these set of images for Town and Country’s February 2014 issue. Sometimes one gets lucky and gets a double truck printed.

Shot with a Nikon D3X and a Nikon 45mm PC-E lens

ISO 100, 1/125, f5.6

Styled by Carol Cuasay-Tagle | Boizei Malicdem | Manica Tiglao | Marichu Garra | Alicia Colby-Sy | Assisted and BTS Shots by Andy Sanguir 

2014 Pasig City, Philippines

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